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Our funders charges depend on your creditworthiness, size of facility, and starts at 0.25% per month. Here is a repayment example: You borrow 100,000 GBP for 3 months at a fee of 0.25% per month. The total repayment amount is £ 100,750.

Total Payment: £ 503,748.5

Total Interest: £ 3,748.5

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How supplier-based funding works

Funding to sit along side any bank facilities you currently have big or small with control of your funding line a few clicks away.


Onboard your new or existing suppliers and fund your purchases.

  • Increase working capital
  • Bolster supplier relationships
  • Extend payment terms


Upload all your supplier invoices through a digital platform.

  • Available 24/7
  • Access over 50 currencies online
  • Open and manage currency accounts online


Upload all your supplier invoices through a digital platform.

  • No early repayment
  • Interest charged on a daily basis after the first 30 days
  • Truly revolving credit facility

Core features of supply chain finance

Balance Sheet treatment

Supplier finance is an extension of the buyer’s accounts payable and is not considered financial debt. For the suppler, it is a form of discounting their receivables.

Control key relationships

Unlike factoring, supply chain finance is flexible by providing 100 percent of each invoice-minus a very small transaction with no recourse burden on the supplier once the invoice is paid.

Size doesn’t matter

Supply chain finance is not just for large companies, providing your business has been trading for more than 2 years, has a minimum turnover of £1m and a balance sheet value of £100k, you can gain access to funding.

Little to no security required

Most lines we provide are unsecured subject to credit underwriting. In some instances a Personal Guarantee and/or Cross Company Guarantee may be required.

Keep bank facilities

With additional funding lines we can find, you can keep your existing banking arrangements in place. There is no need to have that award conversation with your bank manager.


How much does supply chain finance cost?

Interest rates start from as little as 3% APR with the charged fixed for the first 30 days and charged daily thereafter. A full repayment is then required on maturity around day 150 with access to fund another supplier invoice available immediately.

Do I have to change the way I invoice today?

No change is required from your current operating practices. The existing process a supplier performs to invoice the buyer remains in place.

Once enrolled, can a supplier decide not to trade on the program?

It is up to you and your supplier if they wish to join the funding program, we leave the relationships to you and stick to what we know which is handling the finance.

Are there countries or currencies that are restricted for supplier finance?

All suppliers, as your business will be, are subject to the required Anti money laundering checks and if they suppliers are not part of any sanctions, they can be part of the program with access to over 150 currencies.

How does Supplier Finance work?

We partner your business with a supply chain funder that acts as an intermediary between your company and your suppliers. Think of it as an overdraft facility against supplier invoices.

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7 Ways Supply Chain Finance can increase your working capital


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